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Spyware Cease Online Scan brings you a large User Group Security!

What is the User Group Security?

The User Group Security is a new generation of security system that breaks the tradition of each antispyware guarding computers itself, based on the network and formed by numbers of participants. Users no longer have to be confronted with spyware threats alone, as the security system formed by all the participants together will be the strongest bastion.

What is the Online Scan?

The Online Scan is a kind of technology that stores the spyware signature database on servers, computes mainly through servers during the analysis process when users scan their computers, and detects the existing threats on computers after receiving scan results from servers.

Choose the Online Scan function to bring you a series of new experience

online scan

As seen in the flowchart above, the Online Scan function of Spyware Cease can form a large User Group Security.

  • Providing the main computing by severs and reducing the user-end burden, actually return the system resources to computers.
  • The most powerful Online Scan engine combined with the signature scan engine, achieves a threats detection rate of 95%.
  • The fast spyware early warning mechanism not only enables the infected user to remove the spyware by running the Online Scan, but also helps other users prevent and fix this spyware through Spyware Cease Security Center. This is because Spyware Cease Security Center immediately distributes the spyware information to all the servers, and then notifies users through each server. All users will get solutions on how to prevent and remove this spyware within a few minutes.

This is a new generation of security mechanism. The more users involved, the more security they will have, and the large User Group Security will be formed gradually. In this way, even the latest spyware threats can be prevented and removed by all users within minutes.

Information about Spyware Cease Security Center

The predecessor of Spyware Cease Security Center is a Computer Security Research Club constituted by a group of computer lovers from different fields, including various IT Companies, schools, research institutions, as well as some social workers. Three years later, Spyware Cease Security Center was formally established in September 2008, dedicating to the research of Internet Security and setting up three professional R & D teams to carry out the major work.

Before the establishment of Spyware Cease Security Center, the security system based on the network has already begun being studied. After years of hard work by the research staff, the network-based security system set up by applying more than 100 advanced servers was accomplished in May 2009. The security system is composed of different sessions, such as:

  • The virtual environment of Spyware Cease Security Center
  • Test department for manual review
  • Network spider
  • Information release center for early warning against spyware

Spyware Cease will continue to improve the existing technology and build up a perfect security system gradually for all users.

The following are some of the questions asked most frequently by users:

Q: Will the Online Scan upload private information? Where will the data be uploaded to?
A: No, the Online Scan won't collect any private information. Only the files with suspicious behaviors will be uploaded to Spyware Cease Security Center. Spyware Cease Security Center is an organization studying the Internet Security, and it neither needs nor receives any private information.
Q: Will the latest spyware threats be prevented as long as the Online Scan is used? Can they be prevented without running the Online Scan?
A: Yes, if you suspect that your computer is infected by the latest spyware threats but they are not detected, please run the Online Scan which can detect most of the latest threats. Spyware Cease Security Center will regularly distribute the early warning information about spyware to users, to enable users to prevent the latest spyware threats. Therefore, whether the latest spyware threats can be prevented or not has nothing to do with the use of the Online Scan. The Online Scan can only help users detect the potential latest spyware threats from computers.
Q: Why the Online Scan is slower than the local scan?
A: Many factors may affect the speed, such as a slow network a user has, too many users running the Online Scan at the same time, encountering the latest stubborn spyware, the servers requiring more time for analysis, etc. The Online Scan may be slower slightly than the local scan, but it is able to detect most of the latest spyware threats, so it is worth the time.
Q: What is the relation between the Online Scan and the User Group Security?
A: As can be seen in the Online Scan Flowchart, if a new kind of spyware is found, all users will receive from Spyware Cease Security Center within a few minutes the information and solutions on preventing and removing this spyware.

More questions on other aspects, please contact us via email

Latest Updates - July 29, 2016 (Total Signature in Database : 2511181)

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Worm Creation Tool
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Rogue Security Software
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Misc Tool
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Virus Source
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Trojan Creation Tool

+Trojan-Proxy.Win32.Agent.bqv +Trojan-Proxy.Win32.Agent.buz

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About Spyware Cease™ Lite Edition
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  • Current Version:
  • Database Version: 21914
  • Release Date: July 29, 2016
  • Operating System: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win 7 and 64 bits systems available
  • Remove and Protect from: Spyware, Adware, Keyloggers, Trojans, Worms, Hijackers, Rootkits, Password Stealers, Tracking Threats, Rogue Antispyware and other Malware attacks!
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